View Full Version : dirt/dust on inside of lens?

jack nips
6-Mar-2005, 10:46
i have a schneider-kreuznach 150mm 4.5-64 lens and in trying to track down why my images are so blurry, i found that the inside of this lens has a lot of grime and dust in it- is there a way of taking the lens apart to get it clean?

Ralph Barker
6-Mar-2005, 11:56
The front and rear elements of the lens will unscrew from the shutter, allowing you to clean the rear and front surfaces, respectively, of the elements. Those are also the surfaces most likely to be dirty. When doing so, watch out for any spacer shims that might be between the lens element and the shutter. Further disassembly is not recommended by other than a skilled lens technician.

Brian Ellis
6-Mar-2005, 15:06
Dust alone shouldn't matter unless perhaps it's extreme. Go into a camera store with a flashlight, ask to see any new lens, hold one end of the lens up to your eye and shine the flashlight through the other end. I think you'll be shocked at the amount of dust you see in there and that's with a brand new lens.