View Full Version : Un-mounting Super Angulon 65mm F8

Glen Seelenbrandt
26-Dec-2015, 08:41
I recently picked up a Schneider Super Angulon 65mm F8. It came in a recessed 4x4 board which does not work with my Graflex. At this point I have removed both lens pieces and am left with only the shutter. It looks like there is a locking ring in place. I tried to gently push the ring with a small straight slot screw driver, but had no luck and even dinged the metal a little bit. I have ordered a spanner wrench, but want to make sure that, first- this is how you remove the shutter mechanism from the board and, two - that in fact I should be trying to unscrew in the counter clockwise direction. I have included a picture for reference as well. Any help in getting this thing out of the current board would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys!

Dan Fromm
26-Dec-2015, 08:43
You're on the right track. Use a spanner, the retaining ring unscrews counter-clockwise.

Glen Seelenbrandt
26-Dec-2015, 08:53
Thanks Dan!