View Full Version : 24 inch red dot coverage

phil sweeney
6-Mar-2005, 07:52
Hi everybody! I have searched far and wide and cannot find what the coverage is for my goerz 24 inch red dot artar. I use it on 8 x 10 and want to know will it cover 7 x 17. My korona does not have enough bellows draw to try and use it. I'd also like to know what the coverage is for a 30 inch red dot?

My korona only has about 20 inches of bellows, so I am thinking about a new camera (cannot seem to find a used camera with 36 inch bellows). I thought a 30 inch lens would be a good companion to my 15 inch turner-reich.



Lawrence Francis
6-Mar-2005, 08:10
The Red Dot Artars have an angle of coverage of about 46 degrees. I own several including the 24" and a 35". My measurements indicate an image circle of 516mm for the 24" and 771mm for the 35". Interpolation would indicate an image circle of 655mm for the 30" Artar.

Michael Kadillak
6-Mar-2005, 08:33
Have an extension rail built to your desired length. Have longer bellows made.

Much cheaper than a new camera.

I saw a F&S 12x20 that had over 40" of bellows a while back. Yes, with certain lenses you may need a supporting member, but that is a small price to pay for another gear in your visual perspective.