View Full Version : What Darlot lens is this?

23-Dec-2015, 19:43
Someone wants to sell this lens to me, but I know nothing about it! The lens is 4.5 inch tall.
143934 143935

Louis Pacilla
23-Dec-2015, 19:50
Magic Lantern (Petzval) & probably 1/4 plate size.

Mark Sawyer
23-Dec-2015, 19:53
What Louis said! It's a nice little lens for using on LF, especially for collodion work, but they're fairly common and not worth a whole lot. Nice to see it's complete with the hood, flange, and focusing knob!

23-Dec-2015, 20:50
Thanks for your information! You guys are so knowledgeable! What is the fair price?

Steven Tribe
24-Dec-2015, 02:14
We don't give valuations here.

24-Dec-2015, 06:15
And it's in the uncommon "Easter Egg dip" yellow color!

These are common and not expensive.

24-Dec-2015, 08:30
Ok, thanks! I figured it out after googling.