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brian steinberger
6-Mar-2005, 00:35
Just the other day I bought a Beseler 45M enlarger. It came with 3 lenses, a 75mm, a 90mm, and a 127mm. The 127mm is intended for 4x5 use, and I projected a 4x5 negative yesterday just to check out the enlarger and the corners are getting clipped with the 127mm. Why is this? Do I need a larger focal length to cover 4x5?

ronald moravec
6-Mar-2005, 00:43
Normally the shortest lens for 4/5 enlarging is 135mm with a 150mm being preferred. I never heard of a 127 enlarging lens. The only 127 were on Poloroid cameras and some Graphic 4x5`s. I remember usind the Polorid on 4x5 and it barlly covered at infinity, so it should be ok for enlarging.

Then it could be the condensers.

Bob Salomon
6-Mar-2005, 03:34
There are wide angle enlarging lenses for 4x5 like the 120 Rodagon WA that fully cover 45 at all apertures.

Richard Rankin
6-Mar-2005, 06:28
Also, did you make sure that the top bellows is moved to the 4x5 marker? The top bellows should be pretty well compressed.

Cheers, Richard

Jim Ewins
6-Mar-2005, 22:00
I've used a 90mm lens to enlarge a 4x5 to 8x10 on my Saunders 4500II with comparable good results to my 135mm.