View Full Version : What is Minolta F.ROKKOR-QF 195mm f6.5 large format lens planar for?

20-Dec-2015, 17:14

I checked all the net but no info anywhere!

'Minolta F.ROKKOR-QF 195mm f6.5 large format lens planar fax REPRODUCTION macro' is only what I've in my hands...

Any idea? Is it possible to use it with field camera?


Dan Fromm
20-Dec-2015, 18:05
It is for a copier.

I hope you didn't pay much for it, it is pretty hard (= expensive) to use. No shutter. No diaphragm. The glasses are in the barrel, not in cells that might (great stress might) be adapted to some shutter or other (more expense). Does your field camera have a focal plane shutter?

Dan Fromm
20-Dec-2015, 19:55
Oh, dear. $100 + $15 shipping to suvorov_v. See http://www.ebay.com/itm/Minolta-F-ROKKOR-QF-195mm-f6-5-large-format-lens-planar-fax-REPRODUCTION-macro-/161765725047

If I were suvorov_v I'd be delighted.

21-Dec-2015, 12:15
Rubbing salt in wounds...

21-Dec-2015, 15:50
You're not alone out there... Few years ago for around $50 bought an unmarked "copy" lens. Front element looked like one half of a glass globe. Focal length around 8 inches. Using some Duct tape, attached it to cardboard "lens board", more Duct tape, and looked like it covered 11x14 with movements. No iris. Adapting it to a Copal #3 shutter that I had lying around thought was the way to go, but cost of the adaption was crazily high with no guarantee that the lens would even give me a good useable image.