View Full Version : 8x10 Astia on eBay

Larry Gebhardt
5-Mar-2005, 08:56
Just a heads up that there is a seller with lots of 8x10 Astia for sale at 100 sheets for $100. I am not related to the sale, other than I bought some. The film expired in 99, but I have used some of the same vintage that I got a Freestyle a few years ago and it works fine. There is a slight color shift, but it is easily fixed if you are scanning or printing.

Dave Moeller
5-Mar-2005, 10:33

Larry Gebhardt
5-Mar-2005, 12:12
Thanks for the post Mongo. I had missed this over at apug, or I would have been more hesitant to post. Like everthing it is "buyer beware".