View Full Version : phillips 8x10 cameras

luis prado
5-Mar-2005, 02:56
i would like to know the new email from Mr Phillips

Scott Rosenberg
5-Mar-2005, 06:43
on the bottom of the review of the phillips 8x10 explorer on this site his email address is listed:


R.H. Phillips & Sons
2283 Old Pine Trail
Midland, MI 48642

T 517-835-7897
F 517-839-9745

Email rhphill@concentric.net

Sal Santamaura
5-Mar-2005, 08:15
Some of that information is out of date -- the static page needs updating. Current email for Dick is


and his area code (both phone and fax) has changed to 989.

The old email address is no longer active.

Oren Grad
5-Mar-2005, 10:00
Although Dick has an email address, he always warns that he doesn't use it as his primary means of communication, and may check it only intermittently when he's busy with other things. If you want to be sure of reaching him reasonably quickly, it's better to call or fax.