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Paul Cocklin
4-Mar-2005, 18:18
I hate second guessing myself...

I just bought a 4x5 Orbit (calumet) camera off ebay. Haven't received it yet, but it was being sold without a lensboard or lens. A lens I can find without a problem, but I'm searching for something that tells me the proper size lensboard for this camera. I'm brand new to large format (this is my first purchase...yikes!) and still trying to feel my way around. Any suggestions on where I can find a lensboard, or even what size it should be, would be most appreciated.

4-Mar-2005, 18:29
Hi Paul:
My Toyo was unbelievable cheap,no ground glass no lens board,I bought a brand new ground glass for it,but the lens board is exactlly a piece of wood.......no light leaking,no cockroach inside,no nice looking,my girl friend said the wood lensboard looks like been dig from rubbish bin,but I don't care.

4-Mar-2005, 18:39
Is this the round rail camera like the Calumet CC400 series? If it is lensboards are simple to make. Can be bought new from Calumet. Or can be bought used easily enough. 4"x4" IIRC. I wonder if the link will work.


4-Mar-2005, 18:40
Link doesn't work of course. Type 400 lensboard into Calumet's search function.

John D Gerndt
4-Mar-2005, 18:46
Most lensboards can be fashioned from huble materials, Masonite is my favorite as it takes paint very well. If push comes to shove send me the dimentions you need and I'll make you one.


Paul Cocklin
4-Mar-2005, 20:07
Wow, thanks so much for such fast responses. Thanks Nick, I checked Calumet's site and I hope that it's that easy! I've never really seen a lensboard before, (wow, that's embarassing to admit) and I was wondering if the edges, e.g. where the board mates up to the front standard, are all the same. In other words hopefully less confusing, Is size the only restriction to having a board work on any given front standard, or are there tabs on some, slots on others, etc? Thanks so much for all the help so far, everyone. I feel better already, knowing that there is a site like this I can come to for help!

Gem Singer
4-Mar-2005, 20:09
Hi Paul,

K.E.H., in Atlanta, GA, usually has previously owned lensboards that will fit your camera. You need to determine which shutter your lens is mounted in, then match the size of the opening it uses. K.E.H. lists their lensboards by the type and the size of the mounting hole in millimeters. Their prices are reasonable and they are a reliable dealer (www.keh.com).

Ernest Purdum
4-Mar-2005, 21:37
There can be one snag. Some of the cameras originally designed by Kodak and later sold by Calumet and B&J, if branded as a B&J, carried a lensboard which differed from the Calumet. I don't know if this would be the case with your version or not. If you do hit this problem, the board is, as mentioned, an easy one to make. My preferred materials are model airplane maker's birch plywood and the many differing thicknesses of mahogany strips available from lwww.micromark.com.

Paul Cocklin
5-Mar-2005, 12:27
Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I think I will wait until I receive it before buying a lensboard. I would guess that it's ok to buy a lens ahead of time, though. :-) Thanks again, all. I've got thousands of basic questions to ask, but I need to spend 24 hours reviewing all the threads here, first!

5-Mar-2005, 13:30
Depends on what sort of lens you want. If you want a normal lens then likely no problem. If you want something real wide or real long best to make sure it'll fit.