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15-Dec-2015, 16:33
While making room for Santa I come across a print box containing several 11x14 test prints I did a while back. One was toned with inexpensive Black Tea and revisiting it toning with tea has potential with the right image. Since I am a coffee drinker, I still have the box of black tea but I also have an unopened bottle of tannic acid which is rather costly. My question is: If you mixed a batch of tannic acid to use as a toner, can you reuse it and, if so, for how long?


15-Dec-2015, 19:41
Should be OK... And you should be able to use it again and again, as long as it tones evenly, and does not sludge out... Because the solution is acetic, it should resist bacteria, and if you mix with distilled water, algae growth should not be a issue...

Years ago, one of the photogs I worked for, was printing old photos that were used for movie props... Funny, when he made a poster for a movie (or TV production) of Bob Dylan, and the propmaster made a frantic call to the lab saying the poster was good, but needed it to look old... The lab said bring it back, and bring a few cups of the strongest coffee you can get, with you... (Photographer said he once went over there, and they later kept a big open tray of coffee there (always going) for "antiqueing" photos and paper, after that poster job...) But the coffee would make a slightly blotchy, old effect...

Steve K

16-Dec-2015, 01:58
I brewed a batch of acorn toner for cyanotype a few weeks ago. It has sludge a bit and keeps growing mold, but it works nonetheless. Just wash off any goop that sticks to the print after toning and remove the fresh layer of mold before use. I have no experience toning silver gelatin prints with this though, maybe I should give it a go.