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brian steinberger
4-Mar-2005, 00:16
I usually use Tmax films striclty, but recently I wanted to try tri-X 400. So I got a roll of 35mm, and I'm looking to develop it myself in my Tmax RS developer. The times recommended by kodak are 4 1/2 at 75 degrees. I know that it's not recommended to have development times under 5 minutes. Is this still ok for me to develop this roll using Tmax RS? Thanks


John Berry ( Roadkill )
4-Mar-2005, 01:21
There is a reason that little voice says there is a better way. Listen to it. ( right off telling you to try somthing other than t-minimum is a good start) If it's worth shooting then it's worth developing for the optimum. John Berry

Donald Qualls
4-Mar-2005, 04:35
There are probably as many opinions on what to develop in what as there are people who develop their own film. For my tastes, in my experience with Tri-X, I prefer HC-110 Dilution G, 22 minutes at 68 F with agitation only every 3rd minute. Bumps the film speed without increasing contrast, and doen't exaggerate grain at all (IMO).

However, I'd suggest getting several more rolls of Tri-X and trying it with other developers, too. Some folks like Rodinal. Some like D-76. I've developed Tri-X in coffee (Caffenol) with excellent results (but the developer is pretty stinky). All a matter of what works for you.

However, nothing you learn with 35 mm Tri-X will really transfer to Tri-X in large format sizes; the 320TXP sold in 120 and larger is a completely different emulsion from the 400TX sold in 120 and 35 mm.

Gem Singer
4-Mar-2005, 06:00
Hi Brian,

If you insist on developing Tri-X in T-Max RS developer (although it will probably give you a useable negative, and I don't recommend it), cool the temperature down to 68-70F and develope for longer than 5 minutes. At least give yourself a fighting chance to get a better result.

To get the best result with Tri-X (both roll film and sheet film), I would use Kodak D-76 1:1 or HC110 dilution B.

bob carnie
4-Mar-2005, 09:06
I agree with Eugene , though I would also try ISO -200 or 100 and run in PMK developer.

tim atherton
5-Mar-2005, 13:53
Tri-X is pretty nice in D76 and also Xtol 1:2 or 1:3

It can also be exquisite in D23 (take a look at Geoffrey James' or Sugimoto's work for example)