View Full Version : Best Place for 7x17 Film Holders

12-Dec-2015, 21:51
Where is the best place to find 7x17 Film Holders?
Thanks, Steve

Tin Can
12-Dec-2015, 23:01
Put a wanted to buy in the FS thread, or eBay.

I find many things using WTB as a preface in the FS thread.

Bruce Barlow
13-Dec-2015, 06:37
I'd check with Richard Ritter to see if he has any he's made in inventory. Sometimes he does. That goes for other sizes, too.

karl french
13-Dec-2015, 06:56
I think S&S still has some available. Though they are Korona style holders. Which means they are a bit narrower than F&S holders, have a slightly different 'T' distance and have a rib lock rather than a groove in the holder like the original F&S holders do. With all that in mind it is a fairly simple mod to the F&S to take Korona holders. I've been using the S&S holders with a modified Folmer and Schwing for the last few months.

If you want original style holders, you're likely going to have to send the camera to someone like Alan Brubaker to have him make holders to fit your camera. Original F&S 7x17 holders don't show up for sale very often.

Bruce Barlow
13-Dec-2015, 08:53
Richard Ritter can make anything you want, or modify the camera.

13-Dec-2015, 09:15
I guess that I am fortunate in that I do have one holder, (perhaps use as a pattern)? I am just a little nervous about sending things out, I sent my 8x10 Deardorff bellows with payment to TN over a year ago. No bellows, no returned phone calls, constant chasing, excuses excuses, excuses...
I am also going to need a bellows on the FS, perhaps I can make myself.


Bruce Barlow
13-Dec-2015, 09:23
Richard Ritter is honest and reliable. He can do your bellows, too. A lot of folks here will vouch for him.

You have better things to do in life than make bellows, and it's unlikely you'd get something you like on your first try. Richard sources his from the folks in the UK, who make nice ones.

Jim Noel
13-Dec-2015, 10:36
Cut out the middle man and remove the bellows and frames and send them to http://www.custombellows.co.uk/. They make beautiful bellows, at reasonable cost and my turnaround time was about 2 weeks. The frames are held in by wood screws on wall sides and easily removed.
If you want new holders go to http://www.chamonixviewcamera.com/. They have new ones in stock and are honest and easy to deal with. You are probably going to be surprised by the price of 7x17 holders, no matter where you get them.

13-Dec-2015, 12:46
Be careful about where you buy your holders. 7 x 17 holders come in many sizes. Shown in attached is 4 holder the only thing the same is the size of film they take and the "t"DIM. The width of flap end is different on some, the measurement of the lock groove varies, the widths of the holder are with in 3/16 of each other. Not shown is the holder that is 3/8 of an inch narrower then these. That make of holder will not work in older cameras.

best thing to do is find holders that match each other and then have the camera modified to the holders at the same time have the focusing distance checked that varied on the older cameras. Also have the springs checked or replaced. I have also seem a few warped ground glass frames on the older cameras.