View Full Version : ULF fresnel lenses

Rob Vinnedge
3-Mar-2005, 13:40
I recently became aware of Edmund Optic's offering of high quality fresnel lenses in assorted sizes and focal lengths. I would like a brighter screen on my 14"X17" camera and was wondering if this might be an option. I noticed that they sell one in a 30"X31" size with a 39" focal length. I would imagine it could be cut down in size, but would the focal length be a problem? Does the focal length have to be close to my actual taking lens or just in the ballpark? Obviously I'd be changing lenses frequently. I certainly don't want to change fresnels!
I haven't inquired with Edmund yet, but it's possible they might be able to custom size a lens of a desired focal length.
Does anyone have experience with this matter? I am familiar with custom manufacturers such as Maxwell, whom I may well turn to, but I thought I would pursue this lead first.

Tracy Storer
3-Mar-2005, 13:59
I have used several of the 30"FL fresnels from Edmund Optics for the 20x24 cameras as well as on my 14x17.