View Full Version : 7x17 FS Bellows Extension

11-Dec-2015, 04:54
Looks like the bellows extension is about 16" on my FS 7x17 camera. Max focal length be about 14"? Thinking the Nikon M 450 would not make it....
Has anyone used the G Claron 305 on 7x17?

Thanks, Steve

Len Middleton
11-Dec-2015, 05:43
Used a 355mm Repro-Claron (appox. 14") on a Linhof Technika V with about a 16" bellows. Closest focus was about 10 feet.

11-Dec-2015, 06:41

karl french
11-Dec-2015, 07:00
You can use a Nikon M 450 on the F&S 7x17. It's best with the spacer on the front of the lens board and even then you only have a few teeth left on the focusing track. It my most used lens with the camera.