View Full Version : Price of 355 F/8 Dagor

Arthur Nichols
3-Mar-2005, 09:21
I would like to know the value of a mint condition 355 mm F/8 Schneider Dagor. I have the possiblity to buy one and don't know what to offer.
Thanks in advance.

arthur berger
3-Mar-2005, 10:30
Art: The 14 inch schneider Dagor is a wonderful lens . I use it on my 8x10 all the time. I bought mine over 15 years ago and paid about 900 then. I would guess that anywhere from 800 to 1200 seems in the ballpark if its mint.

Jim Galli
3-Mar-2005, 15:17
On ebay just now you could expect to pay $1400 - $1800 for one of these.



neil poulsen
3-Mar-2005, 18:11
On EBay, these lenses regularly auction off for at least $1000, and I've seen them go as high as $1400.

3-Mar-2005, 22:23
I just paid 1775 for a 16 1/2" dagor in shutter not long ago. In nice shape...But that's a 16 1/2 which i have been looking for for some time. Even the 19" dagor seems to be more available than the 16 1/2". You'll see 14"ers come along pretty often. One just sold a few weeks ago for around 600 so 1000 would seem in the ballpark. Great lens regardless of price. you won't be disappointed.