View Full Version : Goerz 14" Red Dot Problem

Stephen Thomason
7-Dec-2015, 11:04
I just received a Goerz Apo Red Dot Artar 14 inch in beautiful condition. HOWEVER, I cannot get the retaining ring unscrewed.

It looks to me like it hasn't been unscrewed since new, since it was mounted by screws originally when it was used on a process camera. I believe the retaining ring unscrews, since I have a Sinar board that is supposed to have been threaded to accept this model lens.

Before I put anything like PB Blaster or other solvent fluid, I think it best to ask for some expert advice. This is my first barrel process lens, so I need and appreciate your advice and input.

I have read the following thread, but I was under the impression that this Artar is in a brass barrel - it is certainly heavy enough! If there is aluminum, and if the lens is experiencing cold-welding, then that's fine. I'll just drill some holes in the threaded lens board and use it like that.


Stephen Thomason
7-Dec-2015, 14:02
GOT IT!! I kept thinking, this isn't rocket science, although close! Thinking about filter rings, I decided to give it one more try and take a "lighter hand" approach. Just slightly gripping the flange and giving it a turn, it loosened right up. I suppose earlier I might have been deforming the metal just enough to make the threads bind. It does look like it is all brass.

Now I'm gonna try it out!

Alan Gales
7-Dec-2015, 14:37
You're welcome! ;)