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5-Dec-2015, 09:33
I'm looking for a used lens in the 240 mm range. I have been offered the following three lenses:
240 5.6 Sironar (condition B)
240 5.6 Symmar – S MC (condition A/B)
240 5.6 MC Sinaron S (condition B)
All three lenses are mounted in a Sinar Lens board prepared for the behind-the-lens –shutter, so they fit my Sinar P. They should cover the 5x7 format. The first two are about the same price, the third one costs about the double. I’m inclined to buy the second done, since it has a good price and is in the best condition. What would your suggestions be? Is the Sinaron S really worth the double price?
Thanks for helpful advices.
May the light be with you, Miha.

Sirius Glass
5-Dec-2015, 11:15
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5-Dec-2015, 13:04
Symmar-S definitely! Any of them are excellent.

5-Dec-2015, 15:03
Get the best of the three, they are all excellent lenses.


David Karp
5-Dec-2015, 15:33
If the Sironar is an older lens and not the Sironar-N or APO Sironar-N or -S, I have seen reports in this forum and elsewhere online that they are prone to separation. The Sinaron-S is equivalent to a Sironar-N or APO-Sironar-N. It is manufactured by Rodenstock and re-branded for Sinar. I have a lens made with the same design as the -N version, only in 210mm flavor. It is a very nice lens.

Alan Gales
5-Dec-2015, 16:42
I've read that the pre Sironar-N lenses were a different design and were also convertible lenses. I suspect they were also single coated instead of multicoated like the later N and S versions. Of course being only single coated is not a bad thing.

If the Symmar-S is the best deal then I would go with that.

Jerry Bodine
5-Dec-2015, 18:48
If you think you may someday move to 8x10 then it'd be good to know that both the Symmar and Symmar-S will cover that format with room for movements. I'm not certain of the others on your list; others here may know.

6-Dec-2015, 03:28
Thanks, your help is much appreciated.
Regards, Miha.

P.S. Hope to post some photos soon.

6-Dec-2015, 08:08
I'd get the Sinaron S.