View Full Version : Nikkor-M 300mm

Austin Space
1-Mar-2005, 10:52
Hey what do you guys think of the Nikkor-M 300mm compact lens compaired to a full size 300.

Gem Singer
1-Mar-2005, 11:11

I have owned/used both a compact (4 element Tessar-type) Nikkor 300M and a Fujinon 300C, as well as a (6 element plasmat-type) Fujinon 300CM-W. Aside from being a little less brighter for indoor focusing, the compact 300's are just as sharp and are much easier to transport. I still have the Nikkor 300M and use it on a 4X5 camera, with an extension lensboard. I also use it on a 5X7 and 8X10 camera, with a flat lensboard. It's a very handy lens to own and use.

Joseph Dickerson
1-Mar-2005, 12:14

I have used one quite a bit and it was a wonderfull little lens. You might also look into the Rodenstock Geronar or the APO Ronar.

All are compact and will cover 4x5 with room to spare. I'm not sure if the APO Ronar covers 8x10 but I'm sure the others do.

Joe D.

John Kasaian
1-Mar-2005, 15:08

I've got one. A sweet little lens! Loads of movement on 4x5 and 5x7. Multicoated tessar as opposed to a single coated dialyte like the 305 G Claron. I think I'd prefer the G to the M in 8x10 as you'll get more of a sweet spot when stopping down the G Claron. This wouldn't be an issue with 4x5 or 5x7 though. FWIW, I shoot my M wide open (f/9) on a Gowland 8x10 aerial camera on the ground and its performance is stellar --- in the air I wish it were a bit faster though.