View Full Version : Will a 305mm G Claron work on 11x14 for a full length portrait.

2-Dec-2015, 10:56
Will a 305mm G Claron cover a full length portrait on an 11x14 camera?

Want to shoot at f16 or f22 and include some background environment with a fast enough aperture to allow 1/15th or 1/30th sec exposure.

Won't be really needing very much in the way of movements.

2-Dec-2015, 12:34

Jim Galli
2-Dec-2015, 16:54
305 G-Claron covers 1114 at infinity with modest movements. Schneider's coverage numbers were for Graphic Arts studios, not normal photography. So, a full length portrait is easy as far as coverage. It may not be the most flattering aspect ratio.

2-Dec-2015, 17:14
305 is pretty wide for 11x14; 16.5" is normal, a 19" lens may be more appropriate for portraits. L

3-Dec-2015, 15:57
Thanks for the info guys,
At least now i know i have enough coverage and if i feel its too wide on 11x14 i can always use it on my 8x10.