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1-Dec-2015, 14:02
I have written a pdf on how to use New55 instant film. It has plenty of step-by-step photos to make the process of exposing and developing New55 as clear as possible. I hope it might useful to anyone trying New55. The problem I have is that it is 2Mb in size, but this forum only accepts 0.4Mb pdfs. Any idea where I should upload it so people can find it?

(New55 is 4x5" instant peel apart black and white film, see www.new55.net)


1-Dec-2015, 14:53
How about providing public access via Dropbox or similar cloud service? I, for one, would like to see another photographer's usage steps with this film as I've had no luck at all with it.


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Bob Salomon
1-Dec-2015, 15:17
Why not use pictographs rather then photos? I believe they worked very well for Land.

1-Dec-2015, 17:11
Yes please I'd like to see that as well. Dropbox or a similar cloud sharing service will work.

2-Dec-2015, 05:45
Thanks for your useful comments. I have just worked out I can compress the New55 pdf and make it small enough to attach here.

The photos are a bit fuzzy in this compressed version but the instructions are still clear:


4-Dec-2015, 14:27
Thanks a million! Really nice guide, thanks for taking the time to put this together and share it.

4-Dec-2015, 15:07
+1, thank you for taking the time.

4-Dec-2015, 15:37
This is excellent! Thank so much for taking the time!

4-Dec-2015, 16:48
The guys at New55 have now endorsed these instructions. They have suggested a couple of tiny changes, which I have made. So here is a slightly updated version:


4-Dec-2015, 20:15
Well done. Nice set of instructions and easy to follow.

Thanks for your help.

4-Dec-2015, 20:41
Found this via the New55 team. Great instructions. May I askhow many negatives can one batch of the fixer solution handle? For example, if I pour some 50% solution in a tray and process one negative, can I clear additional negatives in that same solution and if so about how many? Do I just go by how things look? I'm not talking about storing used solution, btw, just whether I can clear multiple images in one session with the same batch of solution in a tray. Thanks.

Lee Rust
5-Dec-2015, 02:49
Ray, thank you for such a clear and concise introduction. My first pack of New55 is arriving soon and this will be a big help.

5-Dec-2015, 04:12
Thanks for doing it!
I uploaded the file to the Graflex camera group on facebook and to Ipernity - so more people can see how it#s done right.



5-Dec-2015, 13:06
I use the fixer it over and over until it looks like egg drop soup.

I also always peel the print with the negative face down into the fixer and then drop the whole tongue right in. I do not wait to peel the negative from the tongue. That's how I get the results I show online every time.

The importance of a strong mix, 50/50 water and Ilford Rapid Fixer, needed to remove the excess reagent, but also to stop any hint of residual development. That is why I always peel the print away with the negative down and drop the whole tongue (negative facing down) into the tray. I use a tray that is really a plastic dish tub so I have room. Immediate dropping of the negative into the fixer stops development and prevents any fog/solarization etc. that can happen if there is excess reagent, and it is easy to do.

Thanks for these great instructions! We are up to our noses making film and surely appreciate the help!


17-Dec-2015, 01:48
A video showing how to use New55 is now available:


Andrew O'Neill
17-Dec-2015, 10:54
I like how easily the negative is removed from the pod. Easier than T55.

10-May-2016, 09:49
Hope everyone is enjoying using New55. Here is a slight update to my New55 instructions. The update reflects the fact that the New55 team has now produced some great instructional material. They emphasize the need to protect the neg from light - they advise leaving the black paper on the neg and putting it all in the fixer.