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1-Dec-2015, 01:56
I have not even had in my hands, but I'm going to buy Kodak Aerostigmat 305mm f5 ... (I would rather Ektar Aero, but it is cosmically expensive)
The question is this: Is it possible to mount it in the shutter for example: ILEX (ACME) No.4 or 5?
I would like to use it with Graflex Crown. I have two possibilities: to buy lens and shutter (for Graflex Crown) or to buy Graflex Speed and lens. I prefere first...
Now I have one Ilex no. 5 with Tessar for 8x10.

Mounted a one of you, this lens?


1-Dec-2015, 13:30
It's really nothing special, and although it looks like an Aero Ektar, the performance is far worse. It will be heavy and cumbersome on a speed or crown, just as an AE is. Shutter would have to be #5 probably, and even then, would be a custom mounting job. Frankly, not worth the trouble. There are other lenses of similar speed and length that are more easily mounted in shutter, and better optically.

1-Dec-2015, 13:39
Aerostigmat is a tessar design, so you would have two similar lenses.

2-Dec-2015, 23:19
In fact, if it is not too spectacular - I resign from it..