View Full Version : Dagor shutter size

John Z.
28-Feb-2005, 22:25
I recently bought a 10 3/4 inch (270mm) Dagor lens of a coated (77xxxx) vintage, with no shutter. I was wondering if anyone knew what shutter size is required for this lens? Thanks for your input.


clay harmon
1-Mar-2005, 04:41
The one I owned was in an ilex 4. I suppose it would also work in a Copal 3.

Darin Cozine
1-Mar-2005, 13:14
what are the thread diameters?

Eric Wagner
4-Mar-2005, 22:31
A 1971 Goerz price list shows it available in either a Copal 3 or Ilex 4.