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29-Nov-2015, 13:38
I don't think it;s anyone here but whoever writes theses pages they don't do much research.

Claiming that CZJ released the f4.5 Tessars in 1917 ? where did they get that from. I was checking SN's today after buying a very early 135mm f4.5 CZJ Tessar in a sunken mount which appears to have been made 1909/1910 and checking my BJP Almanac for that year they are widely advertised including second-hand, and also made under licence.

Elsewhere statements that the first Tessar patent was for an un-produced f5.5 Tessar, yet I own one a mint CZJ f5.5 165mm Tessar bought from a member here and Kodak advertised them on a couple of cameras, they are not very common though :D


Mark Sampson
29-Nov-2015, 19:35
In theory at least, Wikipedia allows for reader-sourced corrections. All you experts (that wouldn't be me) should go over there and clean up the listing.

29-Nov-2015, 20:16
I just stay away from posts in my field on Wikipedia. It's better for my blood pressure.

1-Dec-2015, 12:58
This particular page is hard to edit, not that I really want to.

By 1907 CZJ and their licencees were making and selling f4.5 and f3.5 Tessars, there was a 1917 British Patent for these faster Tessars but it's about newer optical glasses and the Tessar design rather than faster lenses.

I have a love hate relationship with Tessars, and as I said I've just bought another my earliest so far :D I think the balance tipped though to love rather than hate :) Ken Lee knows what I mean!