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Bobby Sandstrom
28-Feb-2005, 20:15
Hello everyone. I'd like to start by saying when I find something that I truly love, I promote it to the ends. I just received my Wehman 8x10 today along with fujinon 450-c and 240-a lenses. ( The lenses came from Midwest Photo Exchangehttp://www.mpex.com/ ...another great company) WOW WOW WOW. After playing with the camera and processing a couple of sheets I got on the phone and called Bruce Wehman to congratulate him on a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL camera. This camera is designed for the hardcore landscape shooter... the guy that's going to really use it! I am extremely impressed with the sturdiness of the camera. (And it's only 8.5 lbs!!!!) When you tilt the front standard it STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT, period. With every other field camera that i've tried I've always been annoyed by the way the front standard retracts back a mm or so when you release it after focusing. That drives me nuts. This camera stays put without budging a breath. The camera has plenty of moves... all the moves you'll need for landscape. If you shoot architectual then you'll be better off with a monorail. Bruce states this himself. The camera comes with 2 lensboards and 2 ground glasses... one glass, one plexiglass. I'm not affiliated with Wehman camera in any shape or form. I'm strictly a user. Bruce seems like a real good human being. He knows his stuff and has made a gem of a camera. I want to pass this on to all of you who are looking for a used 8x10 or any other for that matter. Save your money. The Wehman is only $1,8??.00 some odd dollars and it's Brand Spankin New. Plus there is even a 30 day money back full guarantee. My 4x5 is an Arca Swiss and for the past 2 months I've been waiting for the 8x10 format conversion kit to come in. I got tired of waiting so I purchased a used format conversion kit last week on *bay and the thing was very funky. I ended up returning it to the guy. I was bummed... but I didn't realize it was all for a good reason. I decided to try the Wehman and now I ain't lookin back. Thanks Bruce. You deserve all the success you get. Here's the website for the camera: http://www.wehmancamera.com/camban.html

Give it a look, you'll be glad you did.

Bob Sandstrom

John Berry ( Roadkill )
1-Mar-2005, 00:25
looks like one hell of a camera. I had to go get a drool towel. I'm giving this some more lookie. Thanks, John Berry

1-Mar-2005, 02:09
N o camera is perfect. It's nice that you're excited about your new purchase, but instead of extoling it's virtues now why don't you use it for a while (say six months) before reporting on it. We've all bought equipment that didn't wear as well as we expected it to.

1-Mar-2005, 10:05

A handy thing I have discovered with my Wehman is that when shooting only with relatively short lenses (maybe 24omm and below), you can leave the extender bed behind in the car (or in your backpack) while carrying the camera on tripod over your shoulder. This makes the camera really quite light, and faster to use.

Its best feature is that it is quite bombproof when folded up, especially for the weight. And crazy-looking!

The worst feature I have discovered is that it can be bothersome to fold up all the way, that last half-inch.

The second-worst feature is non-standard lensboards. IMHO all cameras made in this century should have Sinar or Technika compatible lensboards, or come with a converter-to-Technika board. I sent one of my boards to www.bromwellmarketing.com (http://www.bromwellmarketing.com), who machined it into a Technika converter.

paul stimac
1-Mar-2005, 11:27
I've been using mine for a few years now and couldn't be happier. Bruce's work is top drawer. I felt the same way Bill did when he got his camera and the feeling still remains. If I won the lottery and could buy any camera I could, I'd still choose the Wehman 8x10. That sounds like a damn infomercial but it's true. I love this camera. I can use a 120mm lens and a 1200mm lens without the need to change belows. AND because of the bed design, it's VERY stable - as stable with the 1200mm on as my calumet c-1 was. I doubt that any field camera is more stable or more rugged. I also doubt that you could get better customer service anywhere for any product. My only complaint is that I wish he made an 11x14 or 8x20.

Kevin Hicks
2-Mar-2005, 20:24
The Wehman is a very expensive camera. The purchase price is certainly a good value. However, it is such a joy to use with the light weight and easy setup that you will capture more pictures than you ever thought possible with an 8x10. The film and developing costs will add up quickly!

Seriously, the camera is wonderful. It is well built, rigid and easy to use. I actually think it is good looking too. It is a perfect part of my light weight 8x10 kit: Wehman with a Fuji 300C folded inside the camera, Bogen 3221 tripod/3047 head, small backpack with 4 film holders, darkcloth, Sekonic L-508 lightmeter, Toyo loop and a cable release. That's all I need.

N Dhananjay
3-Mar-2005, 07:46
Another long-time happy user of Wehman's 8x10. Rugged as heck, very user-friendly, large range of movements for the tasks it is designed for, accomodates a long range of lenses. Well worth a look from anyone on the market. Cheers, DJ