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John Brewer
28-Feb-2005, 17:19
Hello all, could someone give me a rough idea on a percentage reduction on time where I have agitation and stand (normal dev rules) times but want to try (need) constant agitation. I'm using old style films (Classic Pan, HP5 etc) rather than 'T' grain films and prefer Rodinal as my developer. I am aware that changing the way I develop will have other affects on the films and the way I may need to meter etc.
Much thanks , John.

28-Feb-2005, 19:50
Ilford datasheets suggest a 15% reduction from their intermittant agitation times for constant agitation.

Jobo suggest that with a 5 minute pre-soak, you can use intermittant agitation times. Ilford recommend no pre-soak with their film.

Cheers, Bob.

Tom Perkins
28-Feb-2005, 20:25
Start at exactly the same time you use now; you can back off if they're too dense. This follows what Bob has said from Jobo's recommendation, and it has worked for me on this kind of film. I have found about a 10% reduction useful if the scene has a full range of contrast. You should have it nailed in a couple of runs. Good luck.

John Brewer
1-Mar-2005, 11:28
Thanks Bob and Tom.