View Full Version : Copal 3 shutter & 300mm lens on Calumet lens board

27-Nov-2015, 01:29
On EBay there is an offer for a f4.5, 300mm lens in a Copal 3 shutter.
The outside diameter of the shutter is 100mm
The lens board on my Calumet CC401 is 100 x 100mm
Obviously the shutter cannot be connected directly to the lens board
BUT could a spacer be placed between the front of the lens board and the back of the shutter?
If what, if any, would be the functional disadvantages/problems?



Doremus Scudder
27-Nov-2015, 02:16

I'll bet you can use it just by mounting on the board. Usually there's enough leeway that the shutter body clears the small obstacles like the lensboard clamps, etc.

If not, a spacer is the way to go; often just a shim of gasket material between shutter and board of the appropriate thickness to get the shutter to clear whatever is in the way. Masonite or the like will work if you need thicker. There should be plenty of threads on the shutter barrel to do this. Certainly, spacing out a lens from the lensboard will have no effect whatsoever on its optical performance.

If worse comes to worse, you can use an extended lensboard to get the shutter placed even more forward of the front standard (this will give you a bit more bellows draw as well).



27-Nov-2015, 06:44
Yes, just mount the shutter to the board. I'll be fine with that camera.