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Pete Watkins
28-Feb-2005, 11:36
Today I visited the U.K. Focus on Imaging exhibition at The N.E.C.
I was told by a salesman at one stand that Ilford had discontinued all sheet film he thene offered to sell me a rather expensive alternative. At another stand I was told that Bregger film and papers were no longer being made as they were made by Forte (personally I don't really believe it).
The good news is that The Sales Manager who I spoke to on the Ilford stand assured me that HP 5 & FP4 were being produced as 35 mm, 120, 5x4 & 8x10. He did not know about 11x14 but when I left I was under the impression that a decent sized order would not be ignored. He told me that they had recently made some U.L.F. sized sheet film for a customer in the States. The film is produced as a roll and cut to size as required. SFX is finished. Film was being actively being promoted on the stand and I came away in fairly high spirits, donno where I'm going to get any fresh 11x14 but I have some in the freezer so that can wait.
Kodak, Agfa and Fuji were pushing digital with hardly a mention of film, sad really.
I was supprised that 5x4 and 8x10 cameras were as well represented as they were, many with digital backs.
I would like to hear other opinions from anybody else visited the show.

Steven Kefford
28-Feb-2005, 12:11
I spoke to the guys at Ilford, and they reckon everything is getting back to normal, apart from SFX. I did not discuss specifically LF film. They reckon ID11 wil be available within 7-8 weeks.

Don't know about Agfa andf Kodak, but Fuji where pushing their three new films, which AFAICR, will all available in at least 5x4.


David A. Goldfarb
28-Feb-2005, 13:10
My impression from what John from J&C has posted over on APUG is that Forte is filling orders, and that Bergger films are indeed made by Forte. Whether Bergger has managed to ride out Forte's supply problems is another question.

tim atherton
28-Feb-2005, 13:16
I think it's been fairly widely accepted that Bergger 200 at least was made by Forte to Berggers specs

28-Feb-2005, 13:21
There is no difference between the forte BPF200 and JandC classic 200 except price.

28-Feb-2005, 13:22
Oh yeah. Good to here Ilford is getting it back together but my money will still be going to the little guys for now at least.

28-Feb-2005, 16:09
No 5x7 sheet film?

Pete Watkins
28-Feb-2005, 23:29
I'm sorry, I didn't mention 5x7 to the bloke, but the bad news is he didn't mention it to me either. I believe that Ilfords web site is going to be updated soon, it appears that the administrators did not think that it was very important.