View Full Version : Arca Swiss serial number#

tim atherton
28-Feb-2005, 09:44
I'm busy updated my insurance

does anyone know if and where and arca swiss camera has it's serial number...?

Tom Westbrook
28-Feb-2005, 11:01
I'm pretty sure there aren't any serial numbers. Maybe due to the modular nature of the camera? Come to think of it, I don't think my B1 ballhead has a serial number either, but I'm not home so can't check.

28-Feb-2005, 13:53
Hello: My Arca has no serial number.
Frank Johnston

Mike H.
28-Feb-2005, 19:11
Yeh, I tried to do the same thing: record serial number, etc. for insurance purposes. Rod Klukas told me there was no serial number. Too many modular parts. Place a number on any one of them and all the others are still un-marked. Convert 4X5 to 8X10 and you might lose the serial number. Or gain a new one. :-)

Mike H.
28-Feb-2005, 19:13
Maybe we need to develop a standard method of marking them. Any thoughts?

Frank Petronio
1-Mar-2005, 06:37
You'd have to mark every part, as an astute thief could reassemble a new Arca by combining parts. A clumsy thief - which is more likely the case - will either try to list the camera on eBay with shakey info (advertising it in the 35mm SLR section is a clue) or simply give up and toss it away because they have no idea what a view camera is. The only reason you'd want IDs on your gear is if the cops recovered the equipment. Which is a pretty rare event.

In either even, I'll pass on marking up my cameras to prevent theft. I doubt it has any benefit, especially when you consider the loss of resale value (to you) from the engraving.

I do have stickers with my name, phone, and website - I stick these on my tripods and things that I might accidently leave behind by accident. I doubt I'd forget the Arca.