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steve simmons
28-Feb-2005, 08:26
The dates for the upcoming View Camera conference are May 20-22, 2005 in Springfield, MA. The tade show is free. Info is on our web site

www.viewcamera.com (http://www.viewcamera.com)

steve simmons

Gem Singer
28-Feb-2005, 08:54
What the heck is an "Onference" and a "Tade show"??? Steve, I feel obligated to continue reminding you to proof read your advertising before clicking the "post message" button.

In the latest issue of View Camera, Quality Camera listed a Canham "Mood Field" for sale. The Ebony SV45TE camera , in Kerry's article, was pictured and captioned as a non-folding camera. The pictures of the cameras in the Bruce's Field Camera Store ad was switched. What ever happened to the extra proof reader that was supposed to be on the job?

steve simmons
28-Feb-2005, 09:07
Mr. Singer.

I live far enough out in the country that I only have a dial up modem. All of my keystrokes do not always register when I type into groups such as this.

In the case of the Quality Camera ad they are responsible for the content of their ad. This is standard in the indstry. Kerry proofed hs own article so I am sure it is correct.

The same holds true for Bruce's ad. He caught the error after it was printed and we have corrected it for the March issue.

We do not proof ads and no other publication does either unless it is an obvious error.

steve simmons

28-Feb-2005, 10:10
LOL...I can't help to chuckle. I'm sure my college writing professors would turn in their graves if they saw some of my post. I'm just glad Eugene can decipher some of the stuff I write. Steve you could be in publishing for 30 years, write a best selling novel, even win a pulitzer. But forget to dot one i in here and they'll butcher you. Hey you can always tell them you're writing in the vernacular. I use that from time to time, and besides,.. it worked for Hemingway....lol....

chris jordan
28-Feb-2005, 10:11
Eugene, I couldn't help noticing that your message contains twice as many errors as Steve's. "Proofread" is one word, not two; you made that mistake twice. Then your first sentence refers to two items, not one, and so it should read "What the heck are...", not "What the heck is...". And in your second-to-last sentence you refer to two pictures in the plural, and so your verb should be "were switched", not "was switched". So that's four errors to Steve's two.

Please refer to "most congenial forum" thread for additional consideration.

Kirk Gittings
28-Feb-2005, 11:23
If you have ever been to a VC "onference" you know that these are truely great events that are worth every penny regardless of how it is spelled. There is no event that I feel more "at home" at than this onference. I haven't missed one yet. Personally I don't care if Steve can spell (I happen to know he can though). I do care about this and other great venues that he has made possible and I have participated in and contributed to them whenever possible.

Gem Singer
28-Feb-2005, 12:11
Chris and Kirk,

My teasing of Steve, is just that "teasing". It is meant to be good natured, not critical. I, too, am one of Steve's supporters and often defend him when he is attacked un-fairly. Like Steve, I also live far enough out in the country(Dallas,TX metroplex) that my keystrokes don't always register, either. I often write : "up the street, the soldiers are marching down". That's the way I have conversed for 75 years. Also, I don't know how to add those little smiley faces to the end of my postings. So lighten up!

Kirk Gittings
28-Feb-2005, 12:31
Eugene understood.

In the spirit of the "most congenial forum in human history" I will lighten up.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
28-Feb-2005, 13:28
Hey, I have some extra Post Toasties if anybody needs to ... er.... never mind! LOL

John Flavell
28-Feb-2005, 13:59
Perhaps the next issue of VC should have a couple of free Prozacs inserted.

Darin Cozine
28-Feb-2005, 15:13
Eugene, your comment read very serious and agressive to me. If your intentions are more light-hearted it helps to add some kind of identifier. examples: ;) (j/k) etc. I've never been against typos myself, allthough that 900mm super angulon that I bought really dissapointed me.

Steve, Back when I had a dial-up modem I was hevily involved with chat-rooms and text-based online games (real-time!) I never had a problem with the modem dropping characters. -Now if your excuse was that too much coffee, too much to beer, not enough sleep, butter-fingers, or if you checked >ALL OF THE ABOVE< then I would sympathize =]

dan nguyen
28-Feb-2005, 17:27
this is very very funy....

Is you guy know what is you doing..? I hope that it won't shy away international posters... now lemmy check.. funy with 1 or 2 n, developer with 2 L and one P or 2 P and one L, 2 fixer bath or 2 fixers baths or 2 fixer baths......arghhhh.... forget it... the main thing is carrying the message across (2 or 1 C..?) :-)...

thanks for the laugh...

Graeme Hird
28-Feb-2005, 18:51
Steve and others,

Try this free tool from http://www.iespell.com . It is a customisable spell checker for forms, just like this one. One click before submitting your form and you'll never have another spelling mistake again. It'll make your post appear that much more credible when there are no silly errors in it.

Oh, and I'm obliged to tell you there is no such word as "obligated".


RJ Hicks
28-Feb-2005, 19:17
Ah, man, one of my excuses I was going to use to get my wife to let me go to the conference was that I would learn how to spell. Now thats shot to hell.

Thanks for the heads up Steve, its on my calendar. Now if I can come up with some really good excuses, I might be able to get there.

Mike H.
28-Feb-2005, 19:25

Per Merriam-Webster On-Line Dictionary

One entry found for obligate.

Main Entry: 1 ob·li·gate
Pronunciation: 'ä-bl&-"gAt
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -gat·ed; -gat·ing
Etymology: Latin obligatus, past participle of obligare
1 : to bind legally or morally : CONSTRAIN
2 : to commit (as funds) to meet an obligation

Graeme Hird
28-Feb-2005, 21:05
Thanks for that Mike - my mistake and apologies to those who like the word.