View Full Version : CL81 for B&W rc 5 sheets at a time

21-Nov-2015, 22:57
I had to process a bunch of 8x10's tonight. Started out shuffling 5 prints at a time in trays. No big deal, but it's such a pain.

I've been thinking for a while about this. I took a Jobo 2830 print drum loaded 2 sheets into the drum , and 3 onto the cl81. It's a perfect fit, the reel stands off from the tank by about a mm supported by the two large ribs of the tank.

Put it on my CPP2 with the lift. 68F. 3m, Bromophen , quick stop, 1.5 m Kodak rapid fix film strength wit HARDENER, 1 rinse, then Kodak Rapid Selenium toner 1 : 3 in Kodak HCA, for 3 m. 10 30 sec washes Done.

Five perfect and exactly the same prints. Took them out of the tank and off the reel, placed in a tray, with a little water and ran them through my Ilford rc dryer.

If your shooting for consistent prints this gets back to the merits of the Jobo processors. Fast, repeatable.

It surprised me how slick it worked.