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21-Nov-2015, 20:29
A few months ago I bought two large SPUR HRX 250ml x 2 developer set from macodirect. They are cheaper in Europe (this set is $60 @ Freestyle).

After cracking open the first two bottles (part A and B), everything was fine, but then I didn't use the developer for a few weeks. When I next went to develop some film, Part B was almost completely gone. After investigating, I found some pin holes in the bottle which were leaking! I was really ticked off because this stuff is not cheap. I lost about 80% of the bottle.

I emailed Maco and complained but they pretty much told me too bad, it's your problem.

I checked my other set and everything seemed fine. I put them away in my cabinet. I just happened to look in that cabinet today and what do I find but most of Part B filling up the plastic bag that the set ships in. I cut the bag open and drained the developer into another container and the whole bottle of developer came out. What I found was the bottle was completely shattered on the bottom. This makes no sense as I haven't touched it since I bought it. It certainly didn't get knocked over.

My hypothesis is that Part B is disintegrating the plastic bottle it ships in, and after a long period of time, the bottle fails. If you buy this developer, immediately transfer Part B into a new bottle - probably best if it's glass.

I have no clue if the Part B I salvaged is any good. I sure hope so. The two sets I bought would be $120 from FS if I bought them here in the US. Apparently the set from Maco is much cheaper than when I bought it. I don't really understand the price flux.

Here's the bottles I'm talking about:



Perhaps I should email the SPUR manufacturer and complain. I'm pretty annoyed.

21-Nov-2015, 21:28
That's both unusual and dangerous. I thought manufacturer would've tested storage of chemicals in the same bottles they're are shipped with?

21-Nov-2015, 21:32
I would have assumed that too.

Interestingly, I was poking around their website, and I discovered that the smaller 100ml x 2 sets were discontinued because of a manufacturing problem with their bottles! So perhaps it isn't the interaction of the bottles and chemistry, maybe it was an actual physical defect. However, I am 100% certain the 2nd bottle was in perfect condition last I looked at it. There was a whole piece that was broken out of the bottle when I checked it. This kind of catastrophic failure of the bottle makes little to no sense unless the chemistry is acting on the bottle. Also, it was Part B both times. I wonder what is in Part B that could be degrading the bottle.

Barry Wilkinson
22-Nov-2015, 03:47
This is not acceptable, I would contact the manufacturer.


Doremus Scudder
22-Nov-2015, 04:44
A quick glance at the MSDS indicates that this is a two-part PQ developer. Part B is likely only the potassium carbonate accelerator... I don't see how that will eat through a plastic bottle (maybe someone could correct me if I'm wrong here). Possibly there was some physical damage to the bottles in shipping or a manufacturing defect.

FWIW, you might be able to mix a saturated solution of potassium carbonate and use that as your lost part B. I'd test first, but my guess is that is exactly what part B is...



22-Nov-2015, 05:34
Sounds like defective bottles. It's not the Carbonate causing the pinholes. Macodirect should replace the item.


Michael R
22-Nov-2015, 07:15
Part B appears to essentially be a mixture of alkalis in water. It does contain some hydroxide and the pH of of part B is stated to be 12.1. Not sure what kind of plastic is used in making these bottles but there's definitely something strange going on here.

22-Nov-2015, 08:27
Good call on the MSDS charts. First thing to do is see if the Part B I salvaged is usable, so I've gotta shoot some film that I won't be upset about if it doesn't work, etc.

I did find an email on their site and sent them a note about this issue. I found it impossible to post anything on their blog. It was giving me errors about Cookies and Javascript which I definitely had enabled, so their code seems broken.

I'll report back if they respond.

Maco told me (the last time) that it was too long after my order to get anything replaced. It was very difficult to communicate with them due to the language barrier. I imagine the same might happen with SPUR.

Michael E
22-Nov-2015, 08:42
It was very difficult to communicate with them due to the language barrier.

If you need help with a German translation, let me know (PM).


22-Nov-2015, 08:44
Thanks Michael!

23-Nov-2015, 06:48
Update: The folks at SPUR wrote back to me surprisingly fast! Apparently there were continued issues with the bottles and the defective products were still being sold until recently. They have a new bottle that looks similar but should be safe. They've requested pictures of my bottle for reference, which of course I will provide, and will send me replacement Part B solution!

Very happy with this outcome and customer service! If you haven't tried SPUR HRX, I highly suggest you do. It's a wonderful developer.

23-Nov-2015, 10:14
A good result :D It was worth contacting them.


23-Nov-2015, 10:31
Pity Maco were not more helpful though

24-Nov-2015, 07:38
I just want to point out real quick that Maco did offer me a discount on my next order as somewhat of a compensation. I was discussing this in private with another forum member and realize I should have mentioned that.

I did not mean in any way for this thread to reflect poorly on Maco, merely to point out the potential issue with bottling from SPUR. A SPUR representative has confirmed that I had an older bottle of developer and the new bottles should be problem-free. They are even sending me a couple of sample bottles of different SPUR products!