View Full Version : linhof multi view finder old/new models

adrian tyler
28-Feb-2005, 05:00
hello, anybody know if there are any significant advantages with the new linhof multi finder compared to the older one? i am aware that the older one slides in and out and the newer one turns to select focal distace, but i'm interested in brightness, build quality, or what you think relevant.

thanks very much.


Emil Ems
28-Feb-2005, 06:17

The modern finder is a true zoom finder insofar as the view remains the same in size as you zoom in and out. With the older finders, the view gets progressively smaller as you zoom out to simulate longer focal lenses.

Having said that I find the older finders more convenient and quick to use and prefer them to the newer ones in actual use in the field. I use one of the older models to prejudge the motive prior to setting up my field camera on the tripod.

I hope this helps.

Bob Salomon
28-Feb-2005, 06:28
The format masks made over the past 30 years only fit the current version. That is how long it has been made.

28-Feb-2005, 07:00
The newer ones provide much sharper edges to the viewing frame. Because it telescopes to the rear, the newer one may present a problem when using lenses over 210mm and the back in vertical position.

Emmanuel BIGLER
28-Feb-2005, 07:55
The new design has a long eye-relief and allows you to see the whole field even wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. With the older design (I have one of those) you loose some field of view if you have to keep your eyeglasses on. Also : the model I have seems to require and additional negative lens element to go down to 75mm. Without this optional accessory, if I understand well, you actually start at 90mm (in 4"x5", or the equivalent focal length in angle of view in any other format).