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27-Feb-2005, 11:16
Has anyone had experience with this developer, it apperars to be still available via Photographers formulary. I did find some information about it but would like to hear from this site if it is ever used.

Thank you

ronald moravec
27-Feb-2005, 11:53
Bluegrass Packaging or something or other in Kentucky sells it.

It is said to be special, but requires seasoning to work properly. You use the seasoned batch for some time, dump 2/3 of it and add fresh. Work with twice the volumn you think you need for each run.

My photomentor had a black and white wedding business 1950/1970 before it went color. He gave me recently cans of D76 and Dektol. Yes I mean cans. he would not part with the 777 still in original white tubes. Or maybe they are cans. They look about the size of caulking gun containers without the spout.

Bluegrass Packaging wants lots of money and I am not willing to risk it to try another developer. I spent a life time trying this and that. D76 is the best. I would be willing to split a batch of four gallons from Bluegrass if someone is interested. Maybe even a four way split.

Otherwise I`ll wait your report.

Gem Singer
27-Feb-2005, 11:56
Hi Norm,

There is an interesting article about "777" on Ed Buffaloe's website (www.unblinkingeye.com (http://www.unblinkingeye.com)).

Click on Photography articles. Scroll down to Film and Film Developers and click on "Remembering 777".

Paul Fitzgerald
2-Mar-2005, 19:34
Hi there,

Never used it but the formula is VERY close to 'Edwal #12' and the comments were:

"Suggested 12 to 25 min.@68F

"Films to be developed in this solution should be given twice the exposure usually given when alkali-containing developers are to be used. This developer keeps well."

"This formula has been found to give excellent results with all makes of film. Grainless enlargements up to 20 diameters are consistently obtained from negetives developed in it and in the hands of a skilled photographer, good enlargements up to 50 diameters are possible."

Hope it's a help