View Full Version : Busch Bis-Telar Ser.II F/7 №3 F=400 mm

18-Nov-2015, 02:54
Is this Portrait lens or lens for general employment? Can it cover 8x10" ?

Dan Fromm
18-Nov-2015, 06:55
This is a telephoto lens for general use. Like all telephoto lenses it has less coverage than a non-tele. The VM says that the 342 mm Bis-Telar Ser. II is recommended for 4x5, so a 400 probably won't cover 8x10.

18-Nov-2015, 07:49
Ok! This lens not interesting for portreits! Thank You Dan Fromm!

Dan Fromm
18-Nov-2015, 10:54
It will work for portraits, but not on 8x10.