View Full Version : toyo omega 4x5 cameras

Doc West
27-Feb-2005, 10:11
Is there a place on the Web where a clear differentiation between specs of many different Toyo Omega 4x5 cameras are set out, so one can see if they are getting more complicated in an alphabetical, alphanumerical or some other order -- I have no idea how they add letters, or what they mean, A, CF, D, D45M, E, etc. ?

27-Feb-2005, 11:08
You might try Mamiya.com and they might be able to help you. Over the years thier site has been most helpful.

Glenn Kroeger
27-Feb-2005, 11:44
Probably not... but you can try:

www.toyoview.com (http://www.toyoview.com)

which is the MAC site for Toyo products. There are some user forums there that are monitored by MAC staff... but probably asking specific questions on this forum will get you the most informed answers possible!

Gem Singer
27-Feb-2005, 14:24
Toyo Omega's are not the same as the Toyo View cameras. The Toyo Omega cameras were dis-continued in the late 1980's or early 1990's. That was before Mamiya began distributing the Toyo line. I think they were both made by Sakai in Japan, however.