View Full Version : Anyone have manual for an Eseco 5045 T-85CD (or similar)

16-Nov-2015, 22:47
I've calibrated X-Rite 810 and 811's and have my step wedges, just can't figure out how to get this Eseco 5045 T-85CD calibrated without any instructions. Would appreciate it if anyone out there could point me in the right direction.



18-Nov-2015, 17:40
Just a quick follow up for anyone down the road with this question. I received a quick call back from Eseco Speedmaster's Service Manager with some calibration instructions, an email copy of the manual, and a specific tip to get my unit up and running properly.

On my particular unit (image above) there are 4 zero set knobs along the lower right. Make sure the function knob is set to "density" and press the footpedal to engage the unit to read zero density (no step wedge in place). Adjust the zero set knob to zero for the channel position (red, green, blue, white) the unit is in (lower left knob). Once this is complete, cycle the channel position switch to each color and perform the same procedure. Now in my case, part of the problem is I couldn't get my reading below 20 or so for any channel. David, their Service Manager mentioned that the read head, the aperture disk, or even the lamp glass could be dirty.. I cleaned all three and got the reading down to 13.. still not zero. So he asked me how large the aperture in the aperture disc was and I didn't measure it but a ball point pen wouldn't fit inside... He said it should be around 2mm.. (the manual states these units can be ordered in 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm aperture sizes).. He told me to just drill the aperture disk hole out to 2mm or so and then attempt the calibration. Bingo. I was able to calibrate to zero.

Here's the aperture disk plate...

To set the high point, he had me take my step wedge.. I'm using a stouffer 5 step wedge and calibrate of the third or in my case around 3.00 +/-.. Basically, you just hit the foot pedal with the step wedge in place and use the "cal. set" knob in the upper right to set the correct calibrated step wedge density. Bingo. Once I had it set, it read each step in my calibrated wedge on the money.

Anyway, these are old pieces of gear, but still usable. I think it's awesome Eseco Speedmaster is still making gear, albeit for the X-Ray industry. I think it's even more awesome that David, their Service Manager, took the time to call me with information that was really important to me, but had nothing to do with what they're doing now or any existing customer work. Thumbs up David and Eseco-Speedmaster.

Hope this helps somebody downstream.