View Full Version : How to remove oil on blades

15-Nov-2015, 07:56

I have an old Nikkor lens, but some oil on blades which makes aperture sticky. Does anybody know how to remove oil on blades? What kind chemical should I use to clean it? Thank you!

15-Nov-2015, 17:59
Lightning fluid, like Zippo. Few drops in a q-tip, opening and closing the blades and re-applying, and it's gone. If a huge amount, better to disassemble the barrel and clean the excess of oil to avoid re-infestation




16-Nov-2015, 09:37
Thank you, Renato!

16-Nov-2015, 10:02
Brake cleaner works really well too.

Bob Salomon
16-Nov-2015, 10:22
A camera repair station will work best. Why is their oil there in the first place? A properly serviced lens would not have oil on the blades in the first place. So has someone done a do it yourself service and messed up? If so, is anything else wrong? Your playing around may just make anything else worse and may not properly solve your immediate problem. You should take pictures and let repair people make sure that everything works properly when you want to use it to take pictures.