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Ivo van der Bent
27-Feb-2005, 07:46
Hello, I have a horseman HF and I would like to have a rotating back for it. Does anyone know if I can put a back from the FA on it. Or maybe is there an other option? thanks Ivo

Armin Seeholzer
27-Feb-2005, 08:41
Hi Ivo

I don't think so, because it is the smallest and lightest possible design of a field camera and the simplest way would be a strong ballhead and in my opinion it works perfect disway for me.
Thats the reason for the FA to be heavier and a bit larger, so as always every camera is a compromise.
Good light!

Ted Harris
27-Feb-2005, 09:40
An equally simple solution is to mount two quick release plates, one for vertical and one for horizontal use .... switching will take no longer than detaching and reattching the back on the FA.....that is the way I used to do it when I had an HF.

Ivo van der Bent
27-Feb-2005, 10:25
Ted, it sounds like an option I am looking for but ...excuse.. where exactly do I have to mount the quick release plates

Ivo van der Bent
27-Feb-2005, 10:33
sorry I do understand, but actually I hoped that someone knew if it's possible to put an FA back on it. I am shooting most pictures without tripod so the camera would hold better if I could just rotate the back

Oren Grad
27-Feb-2005, 13:14
Ivo -

I believe the answer is no. The HF was not designed to allow for interchangeable backs. If you want a Horseman field camera with a reversing back you need to look at the 45HD and 45FA. If you are especially interested in hand-held use, the HD might be a good choice. Because it does not have the back movements of the FA, which would generally not be needed if you're not using a tripod, the HD weighs only 1.7kg.