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14-Nov-2015, 15:32
I have a 1910ish Auto Graflex with the original B&L 4x5 Tessar lens and I absolutely love how this lens renders the perfect mix of sharpness, softness, transition and smoothness. Unfortunately it seems that this lens won't work on my newer Graflex D as it won't infinity focus as the lens needs to be closer to the film plane than the camera allows.

My question is this: What lens in most close to the B&L in terms of rendering but will also work properly on the Graflex D? What lens was original for these?

14-Nov-2015, 16:41
Graflex fitted the 190mm Ektar as the shortest FL that would clear the flopping mirror. I believe that this is also a Tessar type.

14-Nov-2015, 16:45
One good choice might be a B&L 5x7 Tessar of similar vintage if you don't mind the length. They appear regularly on Ebay, often for a bit too much $$$. Another good choice might be a 190mm/7-1/2" Raptar or Velostigmat. These can be quite cheap. The Raptar f4.5 version is one of my favorite lenses on 5x7. You won't be able to use anything shorter if you want infinity focus.

The normal for a Super D was 190mm Optar (Raptar) or Ektar, but an f5.6 version. I don't know how a similar length in f4.5 would fit.

14-Nov-2015, 17:07
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