View Full Version : bergger BPF 200, Rotory processing?

26-Feb-2005, 16:09
Does anyone have any experience souping BPF 200 in a rotory fashion? With D-76 1:1. I have a Uniroller base (auto reversing), with unicolor drum. Bergger's site reccomends 13.5 minutes with D-76 1:1, but I'm guessing that's for tray developement. I'm looking for ballpark times to start with.

Thanks, dee

Oren Grad
26-Feb-2005, 16:45
I've developed BPF200 in straight D-76 in a Jobo Expert Drum, using Bergger's recommended time (off the top of my head, I don't remember what it was). For sheet film intended for contact printing, I generally start with the manufacturer's standard recommendation, even though it's usually not specified for rotary processing. My BPF200 negatives developed that way came out with contrast that was appropriate for contact printing at middle grades on my usual VC papers, which is what I wanted.

That's not to say that I liked the results. My BPF200 negatives processed in standard developers like D-76 and HC-110 consistently delivered dead shadows, flat highlights, and really harsh midtones. I gave up on it long ago.

In fairness, I have seen good results achieved by others who process BPF200 in pyro developers.

27-Feb-2005, 07:25
Thanks Oren, That gives me a place to start.


4-Mar-2005, 19:39
Hi Dee,

As a general rule, I cut 10-15% from the regular times when using my Unicolor rotary. I seem to remember reading that on JOBO's site.