View Full Version : Protar V11 13 3/4 Coverage

12-Nov-2015, 22:39
Anyone know if this lens will cover 8x10? Anyone used one of these or perhaps share some images from one of these lenses.

Thanks, Steve

Steven Tribe
13-Nov-2015, 01:51
The single lens cell of series VII focal length 350mm was rated for 21x25cm - so the answer is yes!

13-Nov-2015, 05:10
That would be only half of the lens? Looks like it would be pretty close? Is it more of a 5*7 lens?

Steven Tribe
13-Nov-2015, 07:18
OK, what you have is a series VIIA lens which is made up of two series VII cells.

So coverage is much less and it is much faster than the F12.5 the single cells have.

So only the single cell behind the aperture would good enough for 8x10.

13-Nov-2015, 07:53
I'd advise trying it. I have a Series VII 24cm (both elements) that was probably made for whole plate. It covers 8x10 with only very slight movements.

Kevin Crisp
13-Nov-2015, 08:18
Everything you need to know from the last factory publication on the B&L versions is here: http://cameraeccentric.com/html/info/bauschlomb_7.html

Combined lens, wide open, is claimed as a 5X8 lens. It will be more than that stopped down.

Single cell 8X10 wide open.

If you want reasonably sharp edges, you should stop that single cell way down, to f:32 or f:45. And you should be aware of focus shift. After stopping down to f:22 or so recheck the focus with a loupe and adjust since it will be off.