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11-Nov-2015, 14:08

For some future work I would like to print some black and white images (contact print and enlargments from 8x10 and 11x14) as inverted images.

I'll be doing some tests once the new darkroom is operational, but I can think of two ways of going about it without the aid of digital silver gelatins.

1. Printing on to Harmen direct positive paper - I'd be enlarging up to 50 inches on the shorter side from 8x10 (I do have a roll of this) just wondering as this is such a contrasty paper does anyone have any experiencing enlarging onto this paper even though it isn't meant for it? I wonder if it might struggle with enlarging vs contact printing and if the paper could handle development with the scrolling method.

2. Getting the film (Delta 100) processed in DR5 to be a B/W Positive and printing onto regular enlarging paper. I presume like E6 that DR5 has a more limited range and thus how his would work with the paper grades, I've haven't yet actually seen a DR5 Chrome so I don't know how they are actually.

any ideas/experience/things I should avoid are welcome!



Michael E
11-Nov-2015, 14:13
You could make an internegative on regular b/w film.

Tin Can
11-Nov-2015, 14:14
Funny I just did that. I took an older 5X7 neg, contact copied it to 4X5 and then enlarged onto 11X14 VC RC paper.

I am very pleased with THOSE results, but I am actually trying to do something different and will disclose that if it ever works...

11-Nov-2015, 16:57
I have recently started to print on Harman direct positive paper. According to the data sheet, it is equivalent to about 3 1/2 - 4 grade paper. I would surmise that if the negative was developed accordingly (a little less contrast than normal), it would be just fine. I usually sepia tone the image, and I really like the results. But be careful, the paper damages easily and sometimes I leave finger prints on the image by mistake. I don't know how....

Tin Can
11-Nov-2015, 17:34