View Full Version : Please help identify Penrose Field Camera

11-Nov-2015, 09:41

Hi there. I recently purchased this antique [field?] camera at an auction, with the intent of putting a glass table top on it as a coffee table. However, my brief research has me worried that I might be committing photographic heresy (and TBH it's a little taller than ideal for that purpose).

Can anyone tell me how old it is? and whether it should be sold to someone who will appreciate it? I suppose that if it does end up on ebay (it's too big to keep as a curio) I would like to be able to describe it accurately. It is marked "Penrose and Co, London" on the front and has another tag on the side which reads the same and also "No 209, Provisional Patent No 4348" along with some graduations. The total length of the camera is 130cm inc lense etc, and it is 62cm tall. There are a couple of small, mouse nibble sized, holes in the bellows, otherwise they seem ok.

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

11-Nov-2015, 12:15
It's a Graphic arts camera used in the printing industry, so not a field camera.


11-Nov-2015, 13:53
Ah, is that a process camera then? The auction house had it listed as a photographic enlarger. It's a shame it's so large as it's a lovely 'objet d'art' in it's own right, and would have made a damn fine coffee table. Amazingly google images reveals that someone has beaten me to the coffee table thing, and with a Penrose too! Its true there's nothing new under the sun!

Thanks for the info IanG!