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10-Nov-2015, 18:04
Anybody familiar with Rollei RPX 400 sheet 4x5 inch film. I have been using a lot of sheet films of different brands and the corner cut has always been in the upper right hand corner when facing the emulsion side. Is it still the same as all sheet films in general? I shot my first 2 Pinhole pics with the Rollei film today and developed them in paper developer (Ilford Multigrade BW developer, diluted 1+9). Looks good, but have to check the negatives when they dry so I can get some basics how the Rollei film will work. I have developed many of my Pinhole negatives in a variety of developers. No problem at all, they turn out just fine...so please do not wonder why I don,t use film developer. Shooting Pinhole is totally different than lens photos, and the negatives have a tendency to turn out soft/smooth and with a low contrast, that is why I find the paper developer suitable for developing Pinhole negatives :-) Would surely appreciate a comment for my question of the emulsion side...thanks :D

Tim Meisburger
10-Nov-2015, 19:22
Yes, when the notch is in the upper right corner the emulsion is facing you.

Interesting you use paper developer for pinhole. I will try that sometime.

11-Nov-2015, 14:23
Thank you, that is what I thought and after the film was dry I noticed that the notch is in the right hand upper corner. I tested developing the film yesterday. If you trust me enough to send me your e-mail ad I would gladly send you a pic of how it turned out. You can find my e-mail address on my home site www.rcsnellman.net

12-Nov-2015, 16:53
Here is a pic shot with a selfmade 4 x 5 inch Pinhole Camera. Film: Rollei RPX 400, Developer: Multigrade developer/diluted 1 + 9. Not to bad ehhhh :-) 142221

20-May-2016, 16:35
Hi, do you know the reciprocity failure of Rollei 400 RPX? I would also like to use it in a pinhole camera!