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Steve Feldman
25-Feb-2005, 17:05
I'm asking a big favor of B & J owners. I have a wood 4x5 Burke and James view camera. I've recently added an original pop up hood on to the back, but it's missing a clip or spring to hold the hood shut. Can anyone post a description or a digi-pic of how this closure is really supposed to look? Also, with the hood closed and the tail board folded up it won't hook to the frame. Is this 'normal'?

Greatly appreciated.


MIke Sherck
26-Feb-2005, 20:54
I'll try to get a photo tomorrow, Steve. It's a *really* simple mechanism! Simple friction fit. Regarding the back, there's supposed to be a thin metal arm that's attached at the top of the back, on a pivot, and swings out to hook onto the end of the rear rail when it's folded up. Mine came missing the arm; I used it for years with a rubber band, one end hooked around one of the "D" rings for the handle, the other looped a couple of times around the end of a stud protruding from the end of the rail. This winter I got ambitious and cut a new arm out of thin but rigid plastic. I'll get a picture of that, too.

Mike S.

Steve Feldman
27-Feb-2005, 15:50
Hi Mike,

Mine came with the original hook/metal strap/screw to close up the folded camera. Without the hood in place it folds up and the metal strap piece screws into the folded rail. But with the hood in place, the metal strap/screw is too short by about 1/4".

Thanks for the up coming photos.


MIke Sherck
28-Feb-2005, 06:38
Ah, thanks for the info. I didn't get to the pics yesterday, sorry: She Who Must Be Obeyed had other plans. I'll snap them tonight. Considering all the snow we're supposed to get, I should have plenty of time to get them uploaded... :)

MIke Sherck
28-Feb-2005, 20:10
Finally! Get it before the free image host expires... :)

http://img235.exs.cx/img235/888/p10100096jp.th.jpgwww.ImageShack.us (http://img235.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img235&image=p10100096jp.jpg" target="_blank)" /></a>

Steve Feldman
2-Mar-2005, 01:13

I can't thank you enough for helping me with your picture. Now I have an idea on how to fix mine.

"She who mush be obeyed" said, "Yeah, sure, you can fix that." But I think she emphasized the "Yeah, sure" just a bit too much.