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10-Nov-2015, 11:24
I have done a few test shots with some 50 year old Ansco Triple S Pan film. I need some developing suggestions.

Right now I have D76, HC110, Rodinal and DDX available.

Any help is appreciated. :)

11-Nov-2015, 06:48
Stand developing in Rodinal 1+100 is my usual answer to this kind of question, I've used it on some pretty questionable material and got an image; 60 minutes at room temperatures, continual agitation for 1 minute at the start a couple at 30 minutes and rinse fix as normal at 60. But this depends if you've got an inversion tank, otherwise I think you'll be hanging around the dark room for an hour.

I've limited to zero experience with the other developers.

11-Nov-2015, 16:41
That thought had crossed my mind as well. I do have a jobo expert tank that takes 5x7 so can probably do this.

I also read that six minutes with HC110 dil B was a possibility.

I use quite a bit of expired film and normally it can be handled pretty easily without much adjustment. But the oldest I have worked with to this point is from 1992.

BTW, thanks.

Mark Sampson
11-Nov-2015, 17:50
HC-110 is reputed to have low fog levels when processing unknown/outdated film. There's a guy who posts on photo.net who has processed large amounts of 'found film' (people send it to him) and he's had some remarkable results with film exposed as far back as the 1940s. He uses HC-110; if I tried to process old film I'd use a more dilute solution than Dil. B, though.

5-May-2016, 20:15
All right. The first batch did not work out. Nothing on the film at all.

Am preparing for another set of test shots with this film.

Since my expert tank is designed for continual rotation rather then stand development I may have to try this in a tray. That means I need a development scheme that does not rely on stand.

Live and learn.

6-May-2016, 04:40
dektol ( d72 ) 1:5 :6mins @ 68F )
if you have caffenol c lying around
dektol 1:5 for 3.5 mins
caffneol c ( with a shake of straight dektol in it ( Dcaffenol) )
for an additional 4 mins


if you have
ansco 130 (72F )
ansco 130 1:6 for 8.5mins
or ansco130 4 mins
then caffenol c + a shake of 130 ( caffenol 130 )
for an additional 4 mins

not sure what you rated your film at
but i would over expose it by a handful of stops too

8-May-2016, 18:39
Thanks John. I will try your suggestions. Hopefully I will have some time to get this done this week.

I do have some Dektol around as well as Caffenol C (using your beans of course.)

9-May-2016, 04:12
mmm coffee !
good luck !

ps. don't be afraid to brew the coffee 2-3x,
and to add a healthy amount of washing soda
and vit c ... if you have ever seen someone
make a "scotch splash" that works OK as your
"shake" of stock developer amount too.
fingers crossed for you that it works !

9-May-2016, 09:15
btw.. please process 1 sheet and if you have to
improvise on what i have posted. if extended time in
the print dev works run with it. my shuffle technique might be
faster or slower than yours and my caffenol c a different strength &c.
hope it gives you a good starting point at least ..

13-May-2016, 07:40
Thanks again John. Haven't had a chance to get to it yet. As for developing one sheet; this time I exposed each sheet for a progressively slower film speed hoping to come up with something that was encouraging.