View Full Version : Emil Busch Portrat Aplanat №3 F:6 280 mm ?

9-Nov-2015, 11:10
Hello!Emil Busch Portrat Aplanat №3 F:6 280 mm- Is this Petzval or not ? Covering for 8x10 inch enough or less ?

Emil Schildt
9-Nov-2015, 13:15
:D an "Aplanat is an Aplanat... a "Petzval" is a Petzval...

(Both types of design, so obviously different)

9-Nov-2015, 13:48
google is your friend
I may well be wrong but it appears to me the number 6 is the 8x10 portrait lens

9-Nov-2015, 14:02
Thank You, frends!

10-Nov-2015, 08:06
Is the "Petzval" wide open lens ? Or i can take "Petzval bokeh " in middle diaphragm (8-16) ?

Emil Schildt
10-Nov-2015, 15:52
Is the "Petzval" wide open lens ? Or i can take "Petzval bokeh " in middle diaphragm (8-16) ?

not sure what you mean, but as said:Petzval is a design - not a brand.
Most people love to use them wide open for the shallow DOF and swirly backgrounds.
However most do have an oprion for aperture use: Waterhouse slots or newer "Classic" aperture diagfram... (some of the oldest and the projection might not have aperture control)

10-Nov-2015, 15:58
I mean "shallow DOF and swirly backgrounds"! I understend - wide open, its way to take Petzval-s bokeh!
Thank You!

Steven Tribe
11-Nov-2015, 06:23
Back to your original question!

Size no. 3 has the following makers coverage.

fully open: 13x18cm
at F12: 15x20cm
at F64: 21x26cm.

So it will just cover 8x10" at the very smallest aperture! Their ordinary D model (F8) size 3 with efl 26cm, did cover 8x10 quite well!
RR's and Aplanats are not the way to "swirlyeffects".

There was a size 4 with focal length 35cm which made for 18x24cm use, which is a more realistic option for 8x10.
It was available until WW1 and Busch continued its range of Aplanats longer than most makers.

11-Nov-2015, 13:24
Thank You Steven! This not cover 8x10!