View Full Version : Can I use the same fix for film and paper

Armin Seeholzer
25-Feb-2005, 08:42

I will use my Nova slotprocessor to develop my 8x10 B/W negs can I use the same fix wich I used bevor with paper or do I need strikly for the negs a new mixture?
If I remember right a teacher told my not to mix it, but if so why?

Thanks for the trues!

John D Gerndt
25-Feb-2005, 08:58
They are usually mixed in different strengths but if you do mix it strong enough for film then it may be used for paper. You will want to reduce you times for paper accordingly. If you are going to go this route I would use Rapid Fix by Kodak. You may drop the hardener if you are going to tone the prints but then it leaves you negatives more vunerable to scratching. All toll, it is a compromise to use one fix for both services and thus best for neither.


Jay DeFehr
25-Feb-2005, 09:14
Also, the idode byproducts of film fixation are much more difficult to wash out of paper, and wash times should be extended accordingly if you use the same fix for both film and paper. I use separate two-bath fixes for film and paper, which means that I have to store four gallons of fix, but I think that its worthwhile for the efficiency and increased capacity.

bob carnie
25-Feb-2005, 09:19
I agree with Jay, I would keep the fixes seperate for film , and paper.
Use a two bath method for paper for best results.

Philippe Gauthier
25-Feb-2005, 09:57
I do it regularly, using Ilford Rapid fix. I use it fresh - always! - on film, then dilute it a bit more for paper. It's more than OK for test RC prints, but I'd use fresh fix for final, exhibition prints on fiber paper.

Armin Seeholzer
27-Feb-2005, 08:47
So I will do it as I did it till now, with two different soups!
Under the motto: " never change a winning team"