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Peter Hruby
25-Feb-2005, 07:37
Hi Canadians,

I am having problem to find good source for 8x10 film color positive sheets. When I find a retailer with a good price, shipping charge is outragegous and it is in US so customs even increases the final price.

Do we have a good source in Canada? Or if you buy outside of Canada, where do you buy it?
I know these thread should not be here, but I do not want to promote any retailers here, please if you mention anyone, it is because of your favorite not because of commercial purposes.

If you do not feel comfortable to publicly mention any retailer in this thread, please e- mail at hrubyp@cogeco.ca (mailto:hrubyp@cogeco.ca)


Edward (Halifax,NS)
25-Feb-2005, 07:59
I have had good experiences with 4X5 film at Henry's in Toronto. The don't list 8X10 film but they could probably special order it.

25-Feb-2005, 08:10
Vistek in TO (www.vistek.ca (http://www.vistek.ca)) has B&W, colour negative & colour positive in 8x10. Whatever they don't have in stock they seem to get in 2-3 weeks. Cheers,

Daniel Grenier
25-Feb-2005, 08:28

This is Treckhall's site, Peter. They do have 8x10 film. They have very good service and prices with 4 offices across the country. Give them a try.

Walter Foscari
25-Feb-2005, 11:29
In Toronto I get my 4x5 film from Downtown Camera http://www.downtowncamera.ca
Better prices than both Henry's and Vistek. They don't list film on their web site, you will have to call them and ask. They usually order whatever they don't have in stock.


Andrew O'Neill
25-Feb-2005, 13:34
Try thecamerastore, in Calgary. They have a website.

Jonathan Lee
25-Feb-2005, 19:53
If you want to do mail order, I second the TreckHall suggestion. They have good prices and good inventory. If you want to deal face to face, i recommend Eight Elm Photo in Toronto. His prices are not the best but I have a soft spot in my heart for a reailer that stocks Azo and large sheet film.

28-Feb-2005, 16:27

In Vancouver, BC:

Lens & Shutter [604.736.3461; http://www.lensandshutter.com]


Beau Photo [604.734.7771; http://www.beauphoto.com/]

It may depend on what kind of positive film you're looking for but I suspect there's a good probability that you'll have to special order it in any case.

Good luck


28-Feb-2005, 16:29

Andrew's recommendation:



Diane Maher
1-Mar-2005, 05:21
A fellow that I know in Vancouver (he works in a photo store there) recommended these sites:

www.beauphoto.com (http://www.beauphoto.com) - Vancouver

www.leoscamera.com (http://www.leoscamera.com) - Vancouver

www.vistek.com (http://www.vistek.com) -- Toronto

Peter Hruby
4-Mar-2005, 06:27
Thanks Canadians.

It's good to see quite number of LF maniacs in CANADA. Anybody lives in Niagara region?

tim atherton
9-Mar-2005, 19:05
For info re 4x5 film, I just bought a 50sht box of slightly outdated (11/2004) Provia for 39.95 (Canukistan Rupees) - not sure how many more boxes they have left. Apparently kept inthe fridge the whole time

ask for Peter S (they have three Peters)

tim atherton
9-Mar-2005, 19:07
hmmm - that should have been "bought at The Camera Store in Calgary"

9-Mar-2005, 19:16
Very important placement of the comma in the thread title I thought...