View Full Version : GraphicLine Premium HD negative film info needed.

6-Nov-2015, 06:37
Just got 2 boxes of GraphicLine PREMIUM HD NEGATIVE FILM to hopefully run some lens testing with. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what speed to shoot the film at and what developer to process it in? Also can it be used under a red safelight? Unfortunately boxes didn't come with info sheets.



6-Nov-2015, 10:50
Usually line film is Orthochromatic so can be used with a red safe-light. It's high contrast and normally used for copying artwork.line drawings. I used to get thriugh a lot of line film, Ilford, Kodak & Fuji for work.

It's relatively slow usually less that 10 ISO, it's probabl best used for masking, continuous tone would need a very soft working developer like Ilford ID-2 same as Kodak Selectol soft, maybe POTA results are unpredictable without trying some.